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Surrey Street Market Croydon

 The History of Surrey Street Market Croydon

Surrey Street Market Croydon is one of the oldest street markets in London. This street market is located in Surrey Street, Croydon, South London. You can find it located behind the Croydon Grants Cinema. Before it was named Surrey Street, this street was known as Butcher Row.  In 1276, a market charter was granted, and authority given to hold a weekly market on Wednesdays. In 1314, the day changed to Thursday. However, the day changes from time to time. Today, this street market operates six days a week, apart from Sundays. It’s been this way since 1922, when Croydon Corporation made the change. November 29th, 1994, was an exciting day for Surrey Street Market, because Prince Charles paid a visit.

The Story – Surrey Street Market Croydon

Surrey Street Market is also known as Croydon Market.  Surrey Street Market mainly sells fruits and vegetables. In addition to that, Surrey Street is packed with street food, homemade produce and art and crafts. And also, plants, flowers, clothes and shoes are there to buy. The customers come not only from Croydon but people from out of Croydon come to this street market. Farmers from Sussex, Kent and other surrounding areas come for market days in Croydon. And recently, there have been many changes in this Street market. Now it is a great place for shopping and relaxing.

For small businesses, Surrey market is a good place. Some of the traders have been coming from generation to generation. So, you can get personal customer service from these traders. If you want to be a member of Surrey Street Market, you have to fill an application. Within a few weeks, the authority will send you confirmation. The pitches are available on daily basis or permanent basis.

A 2017 Incident That Took Place at Surrey Street Market Croydon

In March 2017, Surrey Street Market moved to a new place for 10 weeks. Croydon Council was renovating this area to improve facilities in this street. To that end, the Council was trying to turn the street into a pedestrian-friendly place. As an example, they installed street lights to improve the area. Moreover, today the street market is used as a film and television shooting location. People can enjoy a new kind of shopping experience here.

There are many interesting stories about Croydon and surrounding areas. Check Plumbing Croydon blog regularly for more.

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