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Charity Fundraising Croydon

If you have a few spare hours, you could help local charities by raising funds. Charity fundraising Croydon is a rewarding way to give back to the community. This guide by Croydon Plumbing gives you ideas for raising money for charity, and also which local charities to support. Help a charity with a sponsored walk, a coffee morning, a raffle or a jumble sale. You could also offer your time to these charities. Working for free means the charity can put its funds towards helping people, rather than paying wages.

Charity Fundraising Croydon

If you are thinking of raising some money for charity, or donating some money to a local charity, this guide will point you in the right direction. Discover local charities in Croydon, and also learn how you can help them.

Local Charities in Croydon

Croydon is home to some incredible charities who do great work. Croydon’s local charities rely on grants and donations in order to offer their services. They need the public’s support because charity fundraising Croydon keeps the town’s local charities running. Do a great thing and help a local charity today.

Many national charities operate in Croydon. The town has a number of shops for organisations such as Age UK, Barnardos, Oxfam and Shelter. Donate your time, goods or money to help these great causes. People in Croydon can also opt to help one of the local charities. Local good causes include the Scouts and Guides, and also educational group and special needs support. There are also carer’s networks and support groups.


Croydon has charities which help people from other nations and cultures. These include the Croydon Kurdish Centre and also the Asian Resource Centre. In addition, there are various places that help refugees. These include the Congolese Refugee Centre and also the Refugee Council, which is located on Katharine Street.

Fundraising Ideas

There are many great parks and public gardens in Croydon so you can arrange sponsored walks and runs. Addington Park and Wandle Park make great venues for charity events. Charities can also use the town’s public buildings. Selsdon Hall and the Shirley Community Centre are ideal for fetes, coffee mornings and bake sales.

Some more charity fundraising Croydon ideas:

  • Work fancy dress days
  • Bingo and games nights
  • Silent auctions
  • Gala dinners
  • Sponsored boxing matches

You can help charities raise money in so many ways. As well as arranging fundraising events, you could also consider a donation collection at your next family event, or at your office.


The Croydon Voluntary Action Group

Croydon Voluntary Action is a local organisation that promotes charities and their benefits within the Croydon community. It is staffed by volunteers and therefore will always welcome offers to help. It also supports other local charities, and connects volunteer workers with placements. If you are thinking of volunteering with a charity, get in touch with CVA. You can also contact them with questions about fundraising.

Find CVA online at cvalive.org.uk.


If you are a Croydon resident, check out the rest of Croydon Plumbing’s blogs. They are filled with helpful information about Croydon. If you need a local plumber in Croydon, get in touch. Croydon Plumbing is a trusted plumbing repair and maintenance service. Call today for more information.

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