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Plumber Croydon, 109 Church Street, Croydon, CR0 1RN

Croydon Plumber Testimonials

I’ve used Croydon Plumbing before and highly recommend them. When I had a leak on the toilet faucet, I called Croydon Plumbing immediately and they got here within an hour. It turned out the leak just needed a slight tightening that took him just a second. They didn’t even charge me since it’s so simple. It does not happen with every plumbing company where they do not charge you. Therefore, if you have any plumbing issue, make sure to contact Croydon Plumber.

-Alexander Hawk, Carpenter

We needed to replace the sewer pipes from the house to the main lines. We tried another plumbing company, but Croydon Plumbing was the first to correctly to diagnose the problem and fix it at half the price of the original company’s quote. They showed us how they could repair the damage without replacing the whole line. Also they were quick to assess and diagnose the problem and fix the issue in no time. And their staff are uniformed and licensed. So, easily I have recognised them. Thank you all. Excellent Service!

-Justin Crunden, Cook

Croydon Plumbing did a fantastic job in replacing our old heater with a modern sleek design. Also, their services are backed by manufacturers and they offer a 12 month guarantee on all their services. The plumbing technicians are courteous and are professional. In addition to that, they had arrived at my home within an hour of calling them. It goes to show how dedicated they are at offering their services. So, I highly recommend them for any plumbing and heating problems that you may have.

– faa Zett, Pharmacist

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